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Oriental Escape Room Challenge

Ascend to the Throne!

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The Emperor's Challenge
Maximum Capacity: 6

The Emperor is ill and on his death bed. He has no sons or daughters and is in desperate need of someone to fulfill his seat as his rightful heir. You have been summoned to test your skills in problem solving and critical thinking to find out if you are worthy of this title. To accomplish this great task, he has placed you and your group in his room of many challenges. This room has been filled with puzzles, riddles, and enigmas that push your mind to its limits. You have one hour to focus your mind and utilize your skills individually and as a team to escape, and prove yourself worthy of the Emperor's praise and your seat upon his throne.

Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Challenge

Prove It's Elementary, Watson!

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Escape Room rentals are subject to our Terms and Conditions.


The Illustrious Flat
Maximum Capacity: 7

You recently have discovered that you are a descendant of Sherlock Holmes. You received a letter in the mail stating that you must immediately come to London as your great relative has left something for you in his flat. Upon arrival you become locked inside. You find another letter that was left behind for you by Mr Holmes explaining that this is an escape test that he himself has constructed for you. One final puzzle with a sensational twist. You will have to use your powers of observation, deductive reasoning and critical thinking to prove yourself clever enough to escape the flat. Are you up for the Challenge?

Alcatraz Escape Room in Rockford IL

Discover the Truth!


X-Files Escape Room
Maximum Capacity: 8

Your curiosity for the extraterrestrial and unexplained phenomenon across the nations has brought you here. You find yourself inside a top secret bunker that holds some of histories most famous and unsolved cases. Many say they are all a hoax, but you believe they are part of a larger conspiracy with an even larger secret involving extraterrestrial intelligence. the government knows that you somehow found your way inside. They've locked you inside and a poisonous gas starts to fill the room. You have one hour to escape before the gas ends your life and prevents you from sharing what you have discovered with the rest of the world. Use your intellect to solve the cases linked to the various X-Files around the room. Each case holds a clue that will help you unlock the biggest secret of them all hidden in the bunker. Solving the final puzzle will also give you the freedom to escape before it's to late. do you have what it takes?